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Mindfulness Matters is an incentive developed for Keystage three onwards that prepares young people for life after secondary school. 


It is an essential life coaching experience that enables young people to challenge the 'norms' that are usually expected and accepted.


Mindfulness Matters teaches pupils the value of understanding the mind. They are taught key skills to enable them to focus on producing positive behaviour. 

By understanding the principle that the healthier the mind, the more powerful the result, Young people use the knowledge of Mindfulness to reframe challenging behaviour and produce 


In addition to this powerful training , there is a short staff induction into Mindfulness. This helps the staff to be able to use the tools in order to assist the pupils. 



The Response-Ability program is a proactive and fun program that teaches young people the value of being responsible for their actions.

We work specifically with individuals or small groups that find it difficult to manage their behaviour in and around school. 


The ability to manage ones response is valuable in producing alternative actions to the same challenges. Young people are shown methods of making decisions that reflect more choices, and the value of verbal and non-verbal communication and self assertiveness.


Often young people are confused with the possibility of various outcomes, and can choose patterns that simply replicate old behaviours on a consistent basis, therefore our Response-Ability Program works on building trust and confidence to add measurable value to the learning experience.








Popular Culture Beliefs is a powerful, proactive program that is informative and life changing. It is specifically formulated for Keystage 3 onwards. 


Young people are encouraged to look deeply into the myths and expectations of modern Popular Culture. 

Groups learn how  behaviour is formed and how to manage specific outcomes. 


This is achieved by breaking down the myths and expectations of popular culture .

This encourages dialogue & critical thinking amongst young people, enabling them to look more objectively at the popular cultural beliefs, such as drugs and crime. 


In addition to this powerful training , there is a short staff induction into Mindfulness. This helps the staff to be able to use the tools in order to assist the pupils. 



The Cred-Ability program is a powerful yet simple program that helps young people to understand more about their emotions.

It encourages ownership of behaviour and teaches children how to deal responsibly with the consequences and outcomes of challenging behaviour. 


Young people are taught how to manage their emotions to produce better alternative outcomes. 


The practice is experiential and works by creating a fun environment to learn about challenging behaviour.


The sessions are simple yet effective and are of considerable worth in forming part of the schools values.


Through the Cred-Ability program, we aim to maximise the opportunity to identify the latent potentials in every child. 



R.O.L.E is a powerful Keystage 3-4 talk that offers and enables young people who may be at risk of getting involved in crime or drugs, an alternative life-style.


The program explores the possibilities of life in and outside of school.

It is an excellent way of informing young people about the pitfalls that exist ,whilst preparing them to avoid such pitfalls. 


This group consist of individuals that are already exhibiting challenging behaviour and negative attitude towards learning. 


This powerful program is also important for pupils that have just started secondary school and may be using behaviour that is challenging as a way of dealing with fear and frustration.

Transition from Primary school  to secondary school can create a lack of self esteem in many young people. 



The CRB Project is a powerful way of giving valuable insight into the consequences of having a criminal record. 

The workshop acts as a deterent for pupils as young as ten. 

Pupils are exposed to current popular culture that glamorises crime and drugs.

Pupils are equipt with new strategies to encourage them to make better decisions in future.