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Tackling Knife Crime in 2016

Post Code Parents is a powerful and dynamic group working towards building a stronger community in which our young people can thrive better. If you have been affected by knife or gun crime, or if you just want to show support. Check this group out!


The Kiyan Prince Foundation


The KPF is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Mark Prince, the current MBC Cruiserweight Champion (& ex International IBF and WBO Champion) following the tragic death of his 15 year old son, Kiyan Prince in May 2006. Kiyan who played for QPR’s under 16 team football team and was tipped to play for England, was tragically stabbed outside his school gates in Edgware as he tried to prevent another youth picking on his friend.

Mark was inspired by the belief that by educating young people about the devastating consequences of knife crime, the lives of many potential victims would be saved and in March 2008 was presented with the Children’s Champion Award by Gordon Brown.



Gang Aware!


This year I will be spending a great deal of time working with local youth, helping to raise their self esteem and offer advice around Crime, Gangs and Drugs.

Recent news captures increasingly more incidents of young people joining radical groups. Its clear that these young people are disafected and therefore challenged with the socio-economical structures that underpin our society. Some of these young people join because they feel pressured into reacting for political reasons. Most commonly, they can tend to feel pressured/ bullied/ enticed or even mis-guided into getting involved in these types of anti-social behaviours. 

My work will focus on building confidence in these individuals by providing them with valuable information that enables them to make alternative life choices. 



Continuing Support 
David Lammy 2015


Getting support is key when reaching out to communities. During 2014 I had the pleasure of meeting David Lammy. David is passionate about changing the perspectives of young people and spends much of his time speaking to young people as a way of improving their self esteem. 

Many young people can feel a disconnect when it comes to authority, however they tend to respond well to positive mentors and community leaders. 



World War One School



This powerful and informative workshop touched the lives of over 6000 children nationwide. The children were taught about the soliders that fought for Great Britain during WW1, in particular a soldier called Walter Tull.

In this workshop, they went on to produce amazing short films that they presented to the rest of the school. 

The emphasis for this workshop was to empower young people to understand that dicipline and self esteem also affected the heros of WW1. 

Oh! and we also took some of the children to the legendary Tottenham Hotspur football ground where Walter Tull played professionally for the team.

Visit: www.warstory.co.uk for full details.