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Coach Mac unlocking the potential in youth

We employ a variety of different approaches to creating change, all of which offer different strategies that focus largely on developing confidence in young people.

We work closely with the community and often offer free training to parents. 


Our Core Belief:  'A child is never the behaviour'. This belief helps our young people to be more responsible and encourages them to be more self-aware about their current situations. It gives them the opportunity to find alternative ways to produce

a new set of attainable outcomes that will assist in making inclusion more enjoyable. 


Our Mission is to inform, enable and inspire young people to be motivated into making the correct choices and decisions throughout their schooling and on into their adult life.


By providing a non biased platform, we offer children/young people the opportunity to voice their concerns and be understood. To obtain a better understanding of how emotions can sometimes be the controlling factor in their behaviour, and how they can choose to respond more effectively to these.

Coach Mac unlocking the potential in youth

Coach Mac unlocking the potential in youth

Coach Mac unlocking the potential in youth

'Core values are the building blocks for life'