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Our highly trained practitioners have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience working with large groups.

We specialise in assemblies addressing whole schools. We have produced a number of powerful and informative talks that empower and challenge young people of all ages.

The beliefs and values of a school can often conflict with the values developed outside of the learning environment. The emphasis is to enhance the schools values and ethos.  



Technology is  one of the most important aspects of living in todays modern society. It is recognisably changing the way we communicate with each other. Children have never been more aware of the existence of using computers as part of everyday life. This is why it has become increasingly popular for some young people to choose technology to direct abuse towards each other. This talk addresses the dangers and consequences of using the internet to direct abuse towards others. 



This powerful workshop is aimed towards children in years five and six. 

It addresses the core values of each child and motivates them to produce the results needed in their learning environment. 


When pitched at the right term time it can help with challenges faced around SATS, transition and bullying. 

Should the school require, we offer an extra follow up talk to smaller identified groups. 



There are two crucial transitions that happen during Primary School: 

One happens between key-stage one to keystage two, and the other is preparation for keystage three.

We focus on these two stages as children can display more challenging behaviour, anxiety and fear during transition. Transition is a challenging time for young people, The change in environment and meeting new people can be overwhelming for some.