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With more than 15 year experience working with young people and managing an after school club for 10 years. My experience is crucial to the change that we want to see in children of all ages. My motivation is seeing children become confident and able to manage the life ahead of them. 

When you understand that young people have potential and that it sometimes takes specific skills to bring it out of them, It's the most amazing job. 

Children that attend Super You Academy produce more in school and in the wider community. 

It only takes one person to believe in them and then they start to believe in themselves. 


In my 20 years of experience working with children/ young people, parents and carers, their responses have been overwhelmingly positive in helping me develop an amazing set of skills that I am determined to make available to even more young people.


I am a Certified Life Coach,Master NLP practitioner and Professional Keynote Speaker. My dedication to bringing relevant and important information to young people is my goal and I work tirlessly to help unlock the potential in each and every child I work with. 


My belief is, that together, through the correct education and mentoring, we can raise attainment and improve the life and learning experiences of both child and parent/Carer. 





As a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and life coach. 

My job is to  recognise the importance of isolating the specific values and beliefs that support challenging behaviour. Once isolated, changing the way we approach the behaviour, leads to a more achievable outcome for all parties. 

Ultimately, children are equipped with a new set of tools that will enable them to deal responsibly & effectively with incidents that they previously were unable to manage. 

They are also taught soft skills that help them to achieve a sense of success from their work and private lives. 


With powerful talks and motivational support, I am able to reach out to the young people in such a way that they are able to create the outcomes that they desire for themselves. 


Coach Mac unlocking  potential in young people